5 Fast & Easy Ways to Detox After Your Holiday Feast


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  1. Deb E says:

    I do all of these suggestions, especially the green tea. Probiotics have really been helpful too.

    • Good to know that. Probiotics are essential in keeping a healthy gut. You may want to try our product. Schwartz Bioresearch probiotic supplement guarantees high-quality, shelf stable probiotic strains that can survive harsh stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract where they exert their greatest benefits.

  2. MEG TUCKER says:

    I’ve been taking Probiotics but haven’t tried drinking vinegar in water. I have a few friends that are vegans and swear by it so guess I should be doing that as well!

  3. Pam Shepherd says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar with Water.I have used this for a sick stomach for many years. I did not know it attacks undesirable bacteria and germs, as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Thank You,Very Great Info and A Great Giveaway.

  4. Janice Pittenger says:

    I’ve started to drink green tea, not my favorite.

  5. Tina Nichols says:

    I’ve heard that drinking green tea, apple cider vinegar, and lemon water are ways to detox your body. I already take probiotics. All of these sound like great ideas.

  6. Tonya says:

    Love lemon water

  7. Ruth says:

    Not a fan of vinegar! Walking is my favorite.

  8. Mbnedley says:

    Great job… hydration is most difficult to keep intact. Probiotics are a big deal for me.

  9. Pat S says:

    I like that green tea is a way to detox! Easy way to do it!

  10. Pam Flynn says:

    It’s important to detox especially after all the holiday treats! I’ve been drinking more water instead of sweet drinks.

  11. Susan Queen says:

    I drink water. Would like to detox with lemon

  12. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have done several of these, the lemon in hot water, green tea, apple cidar vinegar, probiotics, and exercise.

  13. Cheryl Holstein says:

    I do the ACV daily

  14. Kaye Newman says:

    I do several of these already. Thanks for the other tips!

  15. William Turner says:

    Wow this is great, I do apple cider vinegar & herbal teas,

  16. Melissa Davila says:

    Thank you for these amazing tips! I’m definitely going to start at least one today.

  17. Mikeline Skibsted says:

    I al
    ways use lemon in my water, and have for years.

  18. Shantell Bentley says:

    I have never done these but I am going to try the lemon and water

  19. Tammie Justice says:

    I really need to try apple cider vinegar in water and go back to walking. Love to start feeling better

  20. melissa baker says:

    Awesome info

  21. Michele Boyd says:

    I love ACV in my water daily…it really helps digestion, skin and overall health and immunity.

  22. Betty Shoemaker says:

    I think I would like to try the lemon and water

  23. Mbnedley says:

    Lemon water is my go to.

  24. Mumbaki79 says:

    Absolutely detoxifies and relaxes me.

  25. Karen Jaras says:

    I love lemon water.

  26. Darla Markle says:

    Lemon water is my favorite. Making a healthier living style a priority in 2017!

  27. Tyonna Lynn Brooks says:

    I like #1! I actually do the lemon water. Tastes awesome!

  28. annette Fisher says:


  29. Betty Beck says:

    good suggestions

  30. Joni Mason says:

    Thank you for these tips to detox your body. I haven’t tried probiotics yet, but will add them to my shopping list.

    • You are welcome. You may want to try our product. Most probiotics have weak strains that don’t survive the shipping and storing processes. Schwartz Bioresearch is one of only a very few brands that can guarantee potency until expiration date. The ingredients in our products are 100% natural, and we use no binders or fillers of any sort.

  31. Dotty J Boucher says:

    This is all great information, I never thought about using tea as a detox, but definitely would like to try this to help
    me out.

  32. Kerry Kollman says:

    Okay, hoping it cools off here soon so we can up our walking mileage.

  33. Robyn Cobb says:

    i take probiotics and walk as much as i can. thanks for all the info

  34. Karen Webster Hunt says:

    I take Probiotics and drink lemon water.

  35. Lynne B says:

    Lemon water and probiotics are fantastic suggestions!

  36. These are all great suggestions! I love lemon water!

  37. Tamatha Burrus says:

    On a regular basis I start my day with a Cup of Organic Green Tea and a Glass of Water with Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice and Bragg’s Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. I also put in a dash of Cheyenne Pepper, to rev up my metabolism for the day. I have tried probiotics but would love to try Schwartz Bioresearch Probiotics. Thank You for the Opportunity.

  38. Sass T. says:

    I just becanme hip to the ACV with the mother. It isn’t a bad taste at all either.

  39. Roger Kaikko says:

    I want to try them all

  40. Debbie says:

    Awesome ideas!

  41. Krislynn says:

    Great tips thank you(:

  42. Peggy Gorman says:

    Love sipping on green tea w/ Bragg’s Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar ,and raw honey. I also like just hot water. Another trick I use ,freeze lemons ,grate in everything I cook and drink. I get to use the whole lemon. Works great with limes and oranges too!!

  43. Cindy Tippie says:

    Green Tea

  44. Hattie says:

    Sometimes I forget to hydrate but I know how important it is.

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