6 Simple Tips to Break the Late-Night Snacking Habit


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  1. Kaye Newman says:

    These are some great tips! I am going to start following them tonight.

  2. Sara Kendig says:

    Great Tips!

  3. Deb E says:

    I do yoga at night to help relax my muscles and it’s hard to eat at the same time!

  4. Lynne B says:

    I’ve done almost all of these at one time or another. I find that drinking water before giving in to a craving helps me.

  5. Caitlin says:

    This is really helpful.

  6. Denise says:

    I drink a cup of water!

  7. MEG TUCKER says:

    I need to follow these simple tips. They really are a good foundation to help with all that snacking!

  8. Joyce M. says:

    Great information and thank you.

  9. doggydaze says:

    I didn’t know about glucose issues with eating at night.

  10. Karen Jaras says:

    Any tips for someone with a broken back and constantly home with food? Everyone bring me pity snacks for their own comfort.

  11. Pam H says:

    I don’t skip meals, brush my teeth, and go to bed early, all of which seem to help me avoid late-night snacking.

  12. Gloria Luongo says:

    I agree with all.

  13. Timothy Rignell says:

    These are some good things to follow, I will have to set my mind to it and follow these.

  14. cheryl says:

    I need to eat full filled meal @ dinner time

  15. Angie carli says:

    Great advice

  16. Lisa Dorsett says:

    It is really awesome to know this information and how the info is so helpful! Thank you!

  17. Page Ribe says:

    To stop midnight snacking I started going to bed earlier. Works great! Great article!

  18. Janice Pittenger says:

    I sure wish I could stop my sleep eating during the night.

  19. Barrie says:

    These are some great ideas! I also find chewing gum helps with late night snacking.

  20. timothy says:

    Great tips!

  21. peter chao says:

    Make sure you have plenty of supplements.

  22. Michelle Northcutt says:

    Having a healthy after dinner snack is important in keeping from over snacking! I like to eat 4 smaller size meals throughout the day

  23. Roger Kaikko says:

    Sounds easy to follow

  24. dana says:

    I definitely need more sleep!

  25. Vickie K says:

    I know I’ll be snacking more at night now that cold weather is here and it gets dark early. I already try to brush my teeth early so I won’t want to eat anything before bed. Good tips.

  26. ellen beck says:

    I am horrible. I will fall asleep reading AFTER being on the computer and I aam a nighttowl. It is very tough not to eat latte. I skip meals especially breakfast.

  27. Sylvia Belle says:

    good tips

  28. Cynthia C says:

    I keep a glass of water nearby to reach for instead of a snack. It works.

  29. Judy Thompson says:

    Thanks so much for the info

  30. Jane K says:

    Eating less bread and potatoes and filling up on vegetables during meal time.

  31. Carolyn Massey says:

    Thanks for these tips. I have terrible eating habits. Don’t eat until late in the day and when I eat at night I stay hungry until I go to bed.

  32. Tara Bixler says:

    Thanks so much for the useful insight,I myself try eating smaller meals throughout the day and a full meal at dinner.This helps me be full so not to gorge at bedtime.

  33. Jeane Campbell says:

    I would never have thought “Brush your teeth”.. but it makes sense.

  34. Carol Blevins says:

    On the Wheat Belly diet you have no cravings.

  35. Kristi Kellberg says:

    I loved all your tips to stop late night binging. I’m guilty to a few of the points. I’m going to eat three healthy meals every day and plan one healthy snack for after dinner that is low calorie, but high in fiber.

  36. Angela Adelman says:

    Very useful information. I will follow most of it.

  37. Amber Shand says:

    What great tips. I will think of these in the future.

  38. Betsy Pauzauskie says:

    Thank you for the tips! Almonds may become my best friend!

  39. shanel lewis says:

    these are great tips and I definitely do too much late night snacking.

  40. AH says:

    Interesting, I knew all the tips except for brushing your teeth and going to bed early.

  41. Angela Barnes says:

    Having a healthy after dinner snack is important to keep from over snacking! I like to eat Fresh Fruit for late snacking.

  42. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    This is great information. I am very guilty of late night snacking. I am always the last one to bed and just grab anything I see. Thanks so much!

  43. VICKI RAINS says:


  44. Dieann63 says:

    I stay up to late.. then my body gets hungry! I end up eating KIND bar as a snack almost every single night!

  45. Cindy Tippie says:

    love all of these tips, plus have my own personal one where I swear to myself I will not wind up like my sister-in-law who is 545 lbs and doesn’t want to change.

  46. J says:

    Yes to drinking more water!

  47. Brooke Allen says:

    I am currently fasting from all unhealthy snacks (with the exception of holidays and special occasions) and have been for over a year now. When I get hungry late at night, I actually don’t feel bad about it, because the only options available to me are healthy ones. Sometimes I’ll have more dinner or a salad or something.

  48. Jennifer Phillips says:

    choose a time and do not eat after that time before bed,

  49. Brittana Ferguson says:

    i love this and will be using it!!! you guys are so amazing!!!! im so guilty of the late night snacks, i want to change so bad because my daughters watches me and i dont want her to pick up such a bad habit!

  50. melissa baker says:

    I need to follow these tips

  51. Sherry L Warlick says:

    Yes, eating late and skipping meals is the worse for your body.

  52. Colleen Maul says:

    As a mother of 3 its hard to brake this habit . yes we know its bad but yet some of us moms finally get our brakes when every one is asleep and the lights are low . Your fav show comes on and finally peace and quiet. Then you sit down with your fav snack or your food you love to just enjoy for your self. This is the hardest thing to stop.

  53. Brenna M says:

    This had been my downfall for the past year or so (cereal, Oreos, etc. :/ ), but I was living in an extremely stressful situation and have recently gotten out of it. I have been eating way less late at night and trying to go to bed earlier…before I start thinking about Oreos. Ha! 🙂

  54. Matthew Alaniz says:

    great points

  55. Sandy Weinstein says:

    late nite or after dinner snacking is my downfall. i can go most of the day not hungry, then at nite, will eat. does not help being on the pc either. so i try not to have any sweets, candy, or high calorie foods in the house. will have apple, banana, fruit, or some soup, popcorn, no butter. and flavored water or tea

  56. EvaD says:

    Great article I use a lot of these tips but will be trying some of the other

  57. Ashley B says:

    great read

  58. Mindi Eden says:

    Skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do! When I started eating breakfast everyday it jump started my weight loss!

  59. MBGrammer says:


  60. NanaChrisc says:

    These are great reminders , Thanks!

  61. Terri Wilson says:

    Most definately need to practice these!

  62. Cheryl Morgan says:

    Good information that I definitely need to follow about breakfast.

  63. Laura schag says:

    Sounds good. Snacking at night is my worse failing

  64. Marci says:

    This is great info. I have a bad habit of snacking at night, but i am going to work hard to not do that

  65. Cassandra Davis says:

    Good advice. I am notorious for skipping meals. I’ll work on that and drinking more water.

  66. Elizabeth Morales says:

    Thank you

  67. Travis L. says:

    Awesome tips, helpful to conquer the late night cravings, but also to further develop a healthy lifestyle.

  68. Patricia says:

    Did not realize glucose metabolism was impaired with certain snacks just before bed. Will change my habits.

  69. Dianna says:

    Trying to make some changes to live a healthier lifestyle! Finally giving up on all the “diets”~ it has taken a long time for me to come to my senses and realize that there isn’t any diet that works forever!

  70. Justine says:

    I never thought about water being an inhibitor for snacking. Good to know-thanks!

  71. Gabrielly says:

    These are some great tips!

  72. Delisa Steinberg says:

    ThNks for the reminder! Staying hydrated is a new one for me, very nice to know!

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