Holiday Heart Syndrome: What It Is and How to Avoid It

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  1. Joni Mason says:

    I had never heard of Holiday Heart Syndrome until I read this article. Thank you for sharing this. I’ ll be surecto take your advice on ways to prevent this, thank you again!

  2. Vickie Kulp says:

    I had never heard of Holiday Heart Syndrome either. Fortunately I don’t drink alcohol but I do drink a lot of soda with caffeine.

  3. sharon shafran says:

    avoid over eating and drinking moderation is the key to being healthy

  4. MEG TUCKER says:

    I know I find myself “stress eating” and have to catch myself. We need to be very aware and in tune with what’s going on during the holidays to keep ourselves healthy. Over eating at this time is really easy to do and for me watching my salt intake as well, especially with all the holiday trays at parties with olives which I love.

  5. Deb E says:

    This is another reason not to get too stressed out over the holidays, rushing around, missing sleep and eating crap. We just lost an icon yesterday on Christmas and you just never know if you’ll have symptoms or pass in your sleep. Serious stuff.

  6. Sheila B says:

    common sense is the key when eating and I try not to overindulge in the holiday festivities. I try to have lots of fresh fruit and veggies to help others keep away from the junk. holiday heart syndrome is a new one to me but makes total sense when you look at the whole holiday season of food and stress. Take care of yourself to help keep your health in check and avoid the bad stuff

  7. Janice Pittenger says:

    New syndrome to me, but I guess it could exist.

  8. Catherine Whitfield says:

    That is scary but the old adage, “everything in moderation” rings true. Making healthy lifestyle choices throughout the year not just during the holidays must play a large part as well.

  9. Tina Nichols says:

    I need to exercise more, but I just got out of surgery. I’ll have to wait a few weeks on that. 🙂 But I take probiotics, and I don’t drink alcohol, so that helps. I do need to work on the salt intake. I haven’t been overeating this holiday, because I’ve been home alone, after my op. No gatherings/parties. I never heard of Holiday Heart Syndrome before, until now. Interesting.

    • We are glad to know you are taking care of yourself very well. Limiting your salt intake will do your body good. Holiday Heart Syndrome may occur in anyone. It is to our advantage that we are aware of all the possibilities that may happen if we do not consciously make an effort to stay healthy.

  10. Hattie says:

    Didn’t know there was a syndrome called “Holiday Heart”. This was an interesting read.

  11. Linda S Boyd says:

    Wow never heard of that. But I can see that the recommendations make a lot of sense .

  12. Melissa Cawthorne says:

    Wow, learned a lot! This is what got me.. A high-quality probiotic can pack billions of beneficial, living microbes that might help you enjoy your holiday feast by reducing the indigestion and bloating that may otherwise follow. Schwartz Bioresearch probiotic supplement ! Now this is the way to go to be healthy! Thank you!

  13. Karen Jaras says:

    I am on the road for 2 weeks or more through the holiday which makes things worse for me. I never knew this was a real thing.

  14. Dina Lindquist says:

    I have heard of Holiday Heart Syndrome, but I didn’t know all the details. We all are a bit stressed over the holidays and tend to eat more food that’s higher in fat and sodium. The article is very interesting! I do use probiotics daily and it seems to help

  15. Pam Flynn says:

    Moderation is key in all aspects of the holidays. Yes, I had heard of it because I suffer with it.

  16. Gina N. says:

    I am happy to see a name associated with this condition. It is wise to endure moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages any time of the year but especially at holiday time when everyone is caught up in all the buzz going on around them. Holiday festivities do make it so much easier to overeat and indulge in all the extras like salt and caffeine and this can be a very stressful time. It is a good idea to stick to an exercise plan and focus on moderation.

  17. Linda Flakes says:

    Didn’t know the was such a syndrome.

  18. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I have never heard of this heart disoreder and I found the article most informative. I know that there are more heart related problems during the holidays.

  19. Lynne B says:

    I’d never heard of holiday heart syndrome till I read your article. These are all good tips to follow during the holidays anyway.

  20. June S. says:

    This was very interesting to read about, I never knew about many of these topics. I am glad I read all about them.

  21. melissa baker says:

    Wow, very interesting facts!

  22. Lenae Schwartz says:

    I showed this article to my Mother.

  23. jennifer corrado says:

    I knew about too much over the holidays but really didn’t know how much of an affect it had on your heart. I eat a little more over the holidays but i’m skinny and have a fast metabolism so i don’t gain much wait. my husband on the other hand tries to avoid too much over the holidays but fails some and has to make up for at work and get those extra pounds off.

  24. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I have never heard of holiday heart syndrome. I will definitely follow your tips to avoid this and pay more attention to these symptoms. Thank you.

  25. Sheryl Edwards says:

    Interesting information. I will follow the tips.

  26. MBGrammer says:

    We keep it pretty simple and easy around here.

  27. Jessica Justice says:

    First time ever hearing of this, but it really makes sense. Too much of a good thing isn’t good for our bodies, moderation is key!

  28. Robyn Cobb says:

    i try not to stress over never having money but i do find myself eating more because i’m depressed

  29. Sonya Allstun says:

    Never heard of this before but make sense

  30. Cheryl Holstein says:

    Have not heard of this, had to share. I do watch my weight.

  31. Courtney Galley says:

    great article!

  32. Marcus says:

    I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Mindi Eden says:

    I knew that this was a thing & after eating healthy for a long time- we are both VERY careful during the holidays!

  34. William Turner says:

    Wow this is not good for some people, if they don’t take care of their health, & some people need to get out & do things to keep their selves busy.

  35. Kendra Ann Littles says:

    i don’t work out like i use to like i should but i will get there I’m busy chasing my 22 month old around all day but id feel much better if i start jogging again! love zumba its so much fun! i want to live a long life I’m still only 27 but there are days i gotta stop being lazy! i tell people all the time that i want to lose weight! They look at me and say you don’t need to lose anything! mind you I’m tall and thin but I’m not in shape, i just want to feel good its not really about me feeling fat. i liked working out and having that extra boost during the day as for now i just feel like I’m up but i have to drag my self to do things verses me already preparing my body to be fit!

    • Taking care of a baby is not easy. Following a baby around can be your form of exercise. At the end of the day, what is important is that we take care of our body. Eating the right food, getting enough sleep are simple and will be very beneficial.

  36. rose cantu says:

    Never know

  37. JRH says:

    Quite the eye-opener. It’s really hard but very important to keep up regular exercise during the holiday season.

  38. rochelle haynes says:

    Thanks for the info great to know

  39. Misty says:

    Very great read!!

  40. Pamela Gard says:

    I would agree. Moderation is one of the keys to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Each key forms as one.

  41. Angela Mason says:

    I thank you so very kindly for all that useful information. I will be using it. Have a Wonderful New Year Everyone!!

  42. Amanda Wilson says:

    Wow did not know about this thanks for sharing

  43. Adaria Johnson says:


  44. Irene Menge says:

    Moderation is good all the time, not just during the holidays.

  45. maria gentry says:

    such an informative article

  46. K says:

    I think I have it.

  47. Bonnie LeBlanc says:

    Yes, I know and understand.

  48. Wendy Sebastian says:

    Wow! I never knew this could happen. I am bookmarking this page so that I can reference back. Thank you!

  49. Kate Daly says:

    moderation is the key

  50. jenn stapp says:

    Great article. So glad I dont eat or drink any of that toxic stuff. (anymore)

  51. Linda Wilmer says:

    Good read…..very informative

  52. Rita Sheppard says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it but I’ll be sure to remember what I read here.

  53. Jeane Campbell says:

    All of the things that cause stress added to trying to not overspend during the holidays. Too much for many people.

  54. Laurie Strebe says:

    Avoid Alcohol as this could trigger many of us to fall into this syndrome! Very interesting article!

  55. laurie damrose says:

    I have done this rarely,now that I now I try not to overdo it.

  56. Susan Marina Brown Lane says:

    I had not heard of this, but my Mom had a heart issue right after Thanksgiving last year. I want her to see this article.

  57. Anuschkah Roma says:

    Goodness, now I know what the problem is. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced that THIS season, so here’s to our health!!

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